Sunday, September 6, 2009

long time no see

wow! has it been that long since I've written over here? lol I'm going to have to see if they have a plugin for crossposting wordpress and blogger, like they do with livejournal. then when I write in my wordpress blog, it will show up here.

lol the only reason I'm over here, is that I noticed that when I make comments on some peoples blog, that it's showing up this ID. so I'm here to change the.witch to something else. mmmm, should it be my real name? HA. don't think I'm THAT brave yet.
should I go back to witchy? to tell you the truth, though I love it, I know some people think it's to 'prestigious' (haughty?) but it really started out, a long long time ago, in another galaxy, as Fairy D'Witchy. so 'witchy' was kind of 'my name' a very long time ago.
now, most of my 'stuff' is under 'awitchy', but I think I might actually go with ge el. mmmm, maybe gee ell lol how do you say G L ?
think I'll go with gee.ell, for now.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Angel's Pawn by N. Singh

EXCELLENT! oh man. as i started out reading it, i was thinking....
...oh man, this isn't as good as her other series...
But MAN Oh MAN! I absolutely fell in love with Ashwini and Janvier by the end of the story. Scared as crap of the Angels, and can't wait to find out more about the Hunter Guild and Vampires!

and just saw that Nalini Singh's new book Angel's Blood is out! I'm going to go and hunt it down as an e-book, and go and read! oh yeah :D

Saturday, February 28, 2009

reading bore

man. except for Bone Crossed by Patricia Briggs (which cost 15 dollars, and I'm having a hard time spending that much, even if it is an author and series I enjoy) I've caught up on all my reads for the year. :(

poor authors. I always want them to write much faster than humanly possible. (any alien writers out there?) /hehehe/

People are mentioning Nalina Singh and Marjorie M Liu, but I haven't seen any one mention Jean Johnson (it was her birthday this month!) or, one of my very very favorite authors, Sarah McCarty Both of these talented ladies have books coming out this year.

Jean Johnson Finally has the Finale' of the Sons of Destiny Series, The Mage. I am SO excited about this book. I have to admit, that the very end of The Flame, when everything is resolved (EXCELLENT!), and the author is giving you a little lead in to the next of the series... well, let's just say... I was floored. :D yep. me, who can almost always guess the way the story is going, was shocked with what I read on that last page. :)

To celebrate, and get ready, for the end of the series (at least for now?) I think I'm going to start with the very first book of the series, The Sword, and re-read all seven. Hopefully ending close enough to the first part of April, when The Mage is suppose to be out. (keeping my fingers crossed that Barnes and Noble might have it early)

If I remember correctly, it was lurking on the Black Dagger Brotherhood mailing list, that some one mentioned Jean Johnson and The Sons series. Wherever and whoever I heard it from, I'm eternally grateful, because this is one series that I have had an excellent time with. Ms Johnson writes with that little twist of humor that I'm so fond of, entertaining, and breathless, once I start reading her stories, I'm not able to put the book down. I'll miss this series (well, not really, since I keep her books, I can always re-vist) :) but perhaps, if you read her stories, like her writing, and the world she created, we can talk her into doing another story from this world?
I can't wait to see where she goes next :)

Hallaluha, Tell it to the Mountain, Sarah McCarty is finally coming out with the third book of the HELL'S EIGHT series! Tucker's Claim! Not only that, but in June, Wild Instincts (books 3-6 of the wild werewolves series) will be out, PLUS /yes buy now, and get this free gingsu knife/ :D plus.... the 5th promise book (about jackson!) will be out in the fall. (thank goodness sarah has her story ideas in her head and ready to write, because waiting this last 6 months for one of her books has been hell... of course, now i'm rewarded by having one of her books come out with just a waiting period of only 2 months apart).

Her first Hell's Eight book, Caines Reckoning, was excellent and definitely Hot Hot HOT :) again, a writer that has a twist of humor in the situations that the main actors get into, this is a women who writes a story that will have you squirming in your seat. ;) But Sam's Creed was even better. I didn't think it was going to be possible. In fact, I was kind of reluctant to read Sam's Creed (I knooooow! idiot me! :) ) This story was Even BETTER!. in fact, LOL I feel the same way now, about Tucker's book. I think Sam's Creed was so good, that nothing could top it, and that I'm really not that interested in Tucker. (hehehe @ self) But Sam's Creed had me bursting out laughing, with the last line of her story. The interaction between Sam and Isabella (which is one of my very favorite names) is just hilarious.

Now I have to admit, that I'm not really into westeren romance. but these stories are the BEST, and Most Worth Reading.

A book that makes you feel good in the end, is a book worth keeping forever :)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

HOME! man that wind was

HOME! man that wind was bad. waiting at bus stop to pick up girl, then going to crash.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

in the AM

leave in the morning to go back home. have to admit, that, though I love being here, and being spoiled... mom makes me work for it.
I'm exhausted, my feet hurt BAD, and I am So Ready to sleep in my own bed.

she's having problems with her computer. i've tried fixing it, was able to do a little bit, but not everything she wanted.
the cuz's got her a new "all in one" hp printer, but the computer and the HP are having conflicts. cuz 2 and i both have downloaded up to date drivers, and nothing is working.... in fact, it still saying that it's (the computer) Installing device drivers, and that's been said for the past 3 hours....
which leaves me to believe that there is another problem. but he and I both are brain exhausted from trying to figure it out.
plus while he was here, he had to put together one of those 'over the toilet' cabinets/towel racks. which we can't put in the bathroom, till maintenance comes in, and removes the towel racks that are there, so the cabinet can fit.
THEN, she couldn't get her tivo to work, and i had to look at it... it wasn't even hooked up. AND she didn't understand why she was tivo'ing things, when the tivo wasn't hooked up. she didn't seem to accept the concept that it was COMCASTS DVR that was "tivo'ing" her shows for her.
THEN, I took her old tivo, hooked it up to the small living room tv (which is only a few months old, and has all the hook ups, thank you almighty) and got the tivo to at least work enough to play the dvd's /including music cd's/ so she can watch movies.

plus I washed her dishes, and tomorrow before i leave, i'll have to take her trash out.
geeze. i could have stayed home to do all that, PLUS still rest, and relax.

LOL @ self. i better stop complaining. because after being with the beautiful aunt, and getting the clothes and shoes that I need for work, plus all the grociers that they bought me, i have NO reason to complain. it's just that i had to do so many errands for the mom today. lol i needed to stay another 3 or 4 days, so i wouldn't be so pressured and rushed.
but I AM NOT staying!
love them all. and thankful to get away from the bastard, but I Want To Go Home. to my own bed. my own girl. and my own baby puppy (even if she messes on the floor, or bites my ankles)

Monday, February 9, 2009

made it to moms

made it. it was pretty good, except, of course, going around DC. ACK! they were actually stopping traffic, filling holes, then letting a few more cars go by.

no comment on how they repair roads in our nations capitol.

also found out, that when my data plan stops, it will be the twitter that i have to stop! lol if i e-mail it to go@blogger, THAT will be ok. it's the "short/code" numbers that is the premium data package.
:( pooh. i liked playing with twitter (because it also updated my livejournal blog), but now, i'll just be updating blogger with my cell.

at least i'll have some fun :)

Sunday, February 8, 2009

leave tomorrow for moms. can't

leave tomorrow for moms. can't wait to get away from work And home. besides, the aunts promised to spoil me while i,m there.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

gees ze. got some accessories

gees ze. got some accessories for my cell off ebay. hope they get here before sat.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

sea shell soup a glass

sea shell soup a glass of merlot and deborah cooke's new book, kiss of fate. i am set for the evening.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

snow day 2day. warmed up

snow day 2day. warmed up this afternoon enough 2 go to the movies. saw rise of the lycan. so cool. now watching the first one. much cooler now

Monday, February 2, 2009

i'm at work. on break

i'm at work. on break and bored. forgot my book. ack! and there isn't a new book here at work that i want.

HaHaHa @ self. thank goodness

HaHaHa @ self. thank goodness 4 my kids! girl says...

~mom, if you're cell is working to text, then why can't you just call for help?~

LOL!!! OMG! I can't believe how BLONDE I was! :D

spelling errors

durn. LOL just re-read my text post. :) wish my enV2 had a spell checker like the iPhone does :D


cool, it actually worked. sent a text, and it shows up here.

LOL great.... so if something horrendous happens to me, /major vehicle accident, runs off the road into a ditch where they won't find me till days later, kidnapped and thrown into the trunk of a car/ (LOL @ Self!) and I still have my phone, I can text the blog, with my last words of life.

sorry.... I'm such a wobbly pencil since I've gotten old. :D what a bore.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

test 2. ok. this time

test 2. ok. this time it should be there. ithink i linked it properly now. and i am not going back to fix spelling/typo errors.

testing,testing...sending this as a text

testing,testing...sending this as a text message.
ha. if nothing else, i am getting expierence with using my qwerty board.

mmm, trying

To expiment with sending a text to the blog.

hate thieves

just had someone steal a 100 dollar cell phone. Damn it. I'm by myself here @ work. Hope that kid breaks his leg.

Friday, January 30, 2009

i love my new cell

HA! I just used my cell phone to leave a comment at Gail Faulkners blog!! I looooove my new cell! :)

well, since i closed my domain

I tried to get my witchys account to work, and someone had taken the name witchys for their blog. (even though I got that name, when blogger first started, and have had it ever since. :( oh well, I'll get over it.) so I had to start a new one. I wonder if I should just delete the other? because, what's the use of having it? even if the person who took the name for their blog, hasn't been seen for a year this past november?

and blogger doesn't answer my inquires.

guess the only reason i'm over here, is because a lot of my authors are over here, and I always like to respond to their entries.

mmmm, guess I'll think about it.