Monday, October 17, 2011

sucide opinion

you know. 'Everyone' says that committing suicide is terrible, to think about the people you leave behind, etc, etc...and me...

How Can You POSSIBLY say it's selfish of the person committing suicide, when THEY are the ones in pain! THEY are the ones at the end of their rope! THEY are the ones suffering!
YOU are going along your little life, living it as you see fit, MAYBE thinking that the 'suicider' is down, a little depressed, they can get through whatever emotional problem they have, or not even Noticing that the person is terribly depressed!

hell. i've been hiding depression from my family my whole fuckin' life! NO ONE takes me seriously, or even NOTICES, except to say... "You feelin' a little down today, sweetie?"

HA! yeh, a little down.