Sunday, September 6, 2009

long time no see

wow! has it been that long since I've written over here? lol I'm going to have to see if they have a plugin for crossposting wordpress and blogger, like they do with livejournal. then when I write in my wordpress blog, it will show up here.

lol the only reason I'm over here, is that I noticed that when I make comments on some peoples blog, that it's showing up this ID. so I'm here to change the.witch to something else. mmmm, should it be my real name? HA. don't think I'm THAT brave yet.
should I go back to witchy? to tell you the truth, though I love it, I know some people think it's to 'prestigious' (haughty?) but it really started out, a long long time ago, in another galaxy, as Fairy D'Witchy. so 'witchy' was kind of 'my name' a very long time ago.
now, most of my 'stuff' is under 'awitchy', but I think I might actually go with ge el. mmmm, maybe gee ell lol how do you say G L ?
think I'll go with gee.ell, for now.